Sections: Principles of Biology (Fall Semester 2020 BIO-110-FGT01)

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Biology 110-FGT01 Principles of Biology
This course provides a survey of fundamental biological principles for non-science majors. Emphasis is placed on basic chemistry, cell biology, metabolism, genetics, evolution, ecology, diversity, and other related topics. Upon completion, students should be able to demonstrate increased knowledge and better understanding of biology as it applies to everyday life.

Section Name: BIO-110-FGT01
Departments: Biology
Take DRE 098 or ENG 002 (with a P2 grade or higher)

Academic Level: Curriculum
Course Type: AA Natural Science, AS Natural Science, AFA Natural Science, AGE Natural Science, AAS Natural Science
Credits: 4
Comments: This class primarily is intended for non-science majors. 
Books: To Be Determined