Sections: Composite Repair Proced (Summer Semester 2020 ASM-115-MAT01)

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Aerostructure Mfg & Repair 115-MAT01 Composite Repair Proced
This course is designed to provide students with general knowledge of techniques used to repair composite aerostructures. Emphasis is placed on procedures involving safe and effective finish removal, disassembling, and the repair and/or replacement of damaged composite components. Upon completion, students should be able to demonstrate proper and safe procedures required for the repair of composite aerostructure components.

Section Name: ASM-115-MAT01
Departments: Aerostructure Manufa & Repair
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Academic Level: Curriculum
Course Type:
Credits: 4
Comments: MM Dates: 7/9/20-8/3/20. 
Books: To Be Determined